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Employers have become more efficient, productive, and profitable by acquiring new and different perspectives about their employees and the population at-large. As customers, consumers, and markets become more diverse, smart employers have also developed new skills and management philosophies which help them remain competitive and successful. In addition, employers need to be vigilant in meeting their statutory compliance obligations such as maintaining a harassment-free workplace.

Just Training Solutions provides workshops that help employers remain productive and successful in today's competitive environment. We have conducted training workshops on all aspects of employment law and successful management practices for large multi-national corporations, non-profit organizations, small-family owned businesses, and federal, state, and local governments. For example, we have provided training to numerous employers on the following issues:

  • EEO
  • Harassment
  • ADA/FMLA and leaves of absences
  • Diversity
  • Hiring practices
  • Corrective action
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Managing performance
  • Coaching
  • Conducting internal investigations
  • Maintaining positive employee relations in a union workplace
  • Bullying
  • How to manage toxic employees

Our training workshops typically involve a variety of interactive and multi-media exercises designed to stimulate and educate participants on the details of the employer's policies. The training sessions focus on enhancing and fostering communication among and between employees, which encourages and promotes mutual respect in the workplace and stops problems before they rise to the level of disciplinary or morale issues, or worse, legal complaints.

From participants at a recent Diversity Training:

"Very Informative"

"Very Effective Trainer"

"Excellent, informative and to the point. Also keeping it entertaining and interesting."

"Very Educational"

"Very effective, got the point across."