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Just Training Solutions has performed countless internal investigations for employers throughout the United States. In particular, we have conducted numerous investigations regarding compliance matters and alleged misconduct involving senior officers, managers, executives, and key employees. Our investigators are all skilled attorneys specializing in employment law. We offer solid and trustworthy counsel based on years of experience and we understand the importance of professionalism, confidentiality, and maintaining the attorney-client privilege.

Our Executive Director, Ed Mitnick, is also certified (ATIXA) in the area of Title IX investigations and regularly conducts investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct on university campuses.

We also regularly provide workshops to human resource, security, legal, and compliance personnel on "How to Conduct Internal Investigations." These half-day and full-day trainings focus on the following issues:

  • When should an investigation be conducted
  • Who should conduct the investigation
  • What the investigator must do before conducting interviews
  • Who should be interviewed and in what order
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What questions should be asked
  • How do you document an interview
  • How to make a sound and reasonable conclusion
  • What conclusions should be made
  • What remedial action should be taken
  • How to document the investigation
  • How should the investigator follow up

Moreover, our workshops on how to conduct an internal investigation usually include a "mock investigation" in which the participants will be given a scenario and then be asked to develop an investigation strategy, review documentation, interview witnesses, and come to conclusions.